Golazo Soccer Stadiums, McAllen, TX


We are proud to have a partner such as Golazo Soccer that is building world-class facilities in underserved areas in the Southern US. These world-class facilities provide 365-day access to the best and safest soccer infrastructure available in the entire United States, all designed by former professional players from the highest ranks of the game and specifically designed to provide youth the best avenues to competitive excellence, college recruiting and related admissions.
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The Dallas Texans Soccer Club, Dallas Texas

12time-national champions

Another amazing partner that gives our area’s youth unprecedented access to collegiate recruiting, the US Olympic Development System and exposure to the English Premier League via the Manchester United System is the Dallas Texans Soccer Club organization. This entity is the largest competitive youth soccer organization in the world and places more children into college and the pros than any other in the United States. The organization’s expertise and unique access is a tremendous asset for BeautifulGoal.Org, which runs the Dallas Texans RGV divsion.
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2Millions Without Access To Proper Soccer Training & Collegiate Opportunities

Our aim is to continue to build infrastructure & partner with those who share our vision to evolve into all of the southern geographies from Brownsville, TX to San Diego, CA, thus including millions of underserved youth into our Beautiful Goal. In the border areas from California to the Gulf of Mexico there are over 3 million youth under the age of 18* who currently have no opportunities that we could afford them, and it’s important to understand that these are the fastest population growth areas of the USA, growing at a rate greater than 5% per annum.


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3The Beginnings of our Beautiful Goal

This is the amazing story of the founders of BeautifulGoal.Org who are living proof that our concept can work. They show what it means for underserved youth to be provided with excellent soccer infrastructure that can allow children to reach their collegiate aspirations & subsequent professional successes. These founders are a result of collaborative success that has defined the current soccer landscape in the U.S. They went from Barrio leagues in Dallas to becoming the original squad that created a machine that has put more children into collegiate soccer & the pro soccer ranks than any other in the U.S. We are attempting to emulate this concept for the youth of the Southern U.S. that has given each of the individuals involved herein all of their professional opportunities.

4Our Champions


We currently have several hundred children training competitively under the guidance of our ex-US National Team/ex-MLS/ex-Division I Mexico coaches in addition to providing the only infrastructure of its kind to thousands of area youth. What we have done is essentially create a soccer training mechanism similar to what we had in Dallas 25 years ago and we have found our next Champions, so to speak, who are now in this system.

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dulio2Sponsor A Child & Make A Lifelong Difference

Through our Sponsor-A-Child Program we match donors with individual children to get them geared up, coached, insured, enrolled into sanctioned leagues & on the path to collegiate admissions & potential scholarship opportunities. Please consider giving today & allowing a child to have the access generations before him did not have.


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ballBuy-A-Ball / Give-A-Ball

A ball is the primary consumable in the great game as well as the fundamental building block where skill development begins. We have created a program where a donor/retailer/wholesaler or partner can purchase a BeautifulGoal.Org ball & we match that by giving the same ball away to an in-need youth in our geographies of focus. Our hope is that we populate the planet with BeautifulGoal.Org balls & make a consistent difference in basic access to skill development. Buy (& give) a ball today!

The General Fund7

We also have a general fund that is geared towards both short-term & longer-term infrastructure goals including individual scholarships. The General Fund is the portion of the funding program that will allow us to service greater areas of need as we scale our abilities to assist youth from Texas to California. Please give today so we can allow these youth to reach their Beautiful Goal.


On the Path to a Beautiful Goal

Written on 01/18/2013, 10:55
We are pleased to announce the launch of www.BeautifulGoal.Org. Golazo Soccer Association 501c3 (dba BeautifulGoal.Org) is a Texas nonprofit corporation carrying a 501 (a) (2) designated public charity status and is tax exempt under federal income tax section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This is the vehicle through which we raise funds for the Dallas Texans RGV Soccer Club, collegiate scholarships and sponsor underpriv ileged area youth so they can obtain their collegiate athletic goals. This non-profit public charity has pledged to change the face of American soccer forever by granting millions of previously overlooked Southern US and predominately Hispanic youth access to competitive youth soccer, collegiate and scholarship opportunities and for the first time access to US Soccer and its associated Olympic Development program. Founded by Sebastian Sobczak in 2011, this grassroots effort sets out to both better the infrastructure of economically challenged communities while bringing  millions of underserved youth world-class coaching and infrastructure with the ultimate goal of giving those children life-long athletic skills, participation in US Soccer’s Olympic Development Programs, providing an unmatched vehicle for collegiate placement, providing an avenue for professional soccer careers, all while ultimately increasing our nation's chances of winning it's first men's and another women's FIFA World Cup.


Improve the quality of life of underserved youth & their families through education, resources, coaching & life skills in areas of the US where little-to-no athletic infrastructure exists.


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